School meals

Nutritious and delicious. Providing good food for growing brains and bodies.

Our school meals are freshly prepared onsite, every day.

We prepare everything from scratch, including baking our own bread, using organic ingredients where possible.

We are proud to use local producers and suppliers:

Our fruit and vegetables are supplied by Matter Organics in Easton.

Our organic milk is from Bruton Dairy.

We serve organic shortgrain brown rice and organic wholewheat pasta from Essential Trading here in Fishponds.

Please let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements  - an allergen-free or vegan alternative is always possible.

Why Vegetarian?

A vegetarian menu gives us the opportunity to source the highest quality, seasonal ingredients within our budget. Vegetarian meals meet everyone's nutritional needs and mean that all members of our diverse school community can share the same meals together. 

You can contact Gabrielle in the school kitchen with any questions or feedback by emailing

About school lunches

Kindergarten chlldren eat school lunch together in their own classrooms.

Children in older classes eat in the dining hall. Each class eats together, so that they can all enjoy a shared meal. Children may have a meal prepared by the school kitchen, or bring a packed lunch.

All school-cooked meals are vegetarian with option to be vegan.

Ordering lunches

Lunch orders are made through Parentmail.

Lunches should be ordered and paid for each term in advance. You will receive the menu for the forthcoming term with a form asking you to select your child's meal pattern and to pay for that up front, by the end of the previous term. Any absences during the term will be credited to you for the following term. 

If school dinners aren't pre-ordered and pre-paid, the kitchen may not be able to provide ad-hoc meals. 

Paying for meals

All children in Kindergarten and Class 1 receive free school meals.

For Class 2 upwards school meals cost £2.50 per day.

Meal choices should be booked and paid for termly in advance via ParentMail. If you have any difficulties, please contact Evie, our finance officer (, to discuss a payment plan.

Any days where the child is not in school and misses a lunch will be credited to the following term.

Dietary Requirements, including allergies

SAB is currently working with the Health Education Trust to develop and embed a whole-school allergy policy. If you are interested in joining the working group for this project, please contact Gabrielle: 

All school meals are vegetarian with option to be vegan.

Please let the school office know of any dietary requirements.

You will be required to provide a document of support for your child's file. This can be from GP or other supporting practitioner eg: nutritionist, dietician, homeopath.

The school kitchen will provide alternatives in these instances.  

Menu TERM 4 (February/March 2018)                

This is a one-week rotation menu.
We offer a cooked main meal or a salad bar option every day.
Please note: kindergarten and class 1 receive the hot meal of the day.
We usually keep the 'carbohydrate of the day' the same from term to term, but change the dish to incorporate seasonal produce: Monday is potato day, Wednesdays we serve rice, on Thursday it's pasta and on Fridays we bake fresh bread.
Let us know what meals you want for the term by filling in the form on Parentmail - please specify cooked main, or salad bar.
Salad Bar changes daily offering a colourful and varied selection, but will always include:
one main protein, one plain carbohydrate, plus 3 vegetables, plus either gherkins or olives, and mayo or dressing - full details below.
School meals should be paid for IN ADVANCE please, via parentmail. 

If you have notified us of dietary requirements (medical or religious reasons), e.g gluten free diet, nut allergy etc, these will be provided for every day.  For example, where pasta appears on the menu, a gluten free pasta will be prepared for children who we know require this. Please notify the office of any changes.


HOT MAIN MEAL (also salad bar every day, see below for details)



Jacket potatoes 

Served with broccoli and cauliflower cheese (contains milk, wheat) (gluten/dairy free available)



Vegetable pie with gravy and steamed carrots


(KG = yoghurt)

(contains milk) (dairy free option available - contains soy)


Lenitl dal and rice, served with crispy kale and sunflower seeds




Tomato and vegetable pasta bake (contains wheat and milk - dairy and gluten free option available), steamed green veg



(KG = fruit)


Spring Vegetable Soup

Served with

Bread (contains wheat) (gluten free oatcakes available)



Every day...

  • Carbohydrate and protein as below

  • And 3 vegetables

  • And one of olives or gherkins

  • And one of dressing or mayonnaise