Angie Browne - Principal

"I was born in London and grew up in Devon where I attended a comprehensive school on the south coast and Sixth Form College in Exeter. I was lucky enough to spend my youth rambling green lanes and exploring Dartmoor hedgerows before moving to Bristol to take up work in publishing.

I’d always had a love of literature and, while I indulged in Creative Writing courses in my spare time, I formalised my studies completing a degree in English Literature at The University of the West of England. It made sense that after my degree I follow in the footsteps of many of the women in my family and train to become an English teacher. And so I did.

I have had a varied career in education having enjoyed working as a Head of English in a large rural comprehensive school in Wiltshire as well as working for a number of years as a middle and then senior leader in an inner city comprehensive school in the St George / Easton area of Bristol. More recently I have been leading the service for children out of mainstream education in South Gloucestershire."

I have considerable experience of building teams of teachers in new education settings. I have also worked extensively with community organisations and other agencies to support and work in a range of ways with young people and their families.

 I love working in education and finding creative ways to facilitate children’s academic and personal growth and I am passionate about inner city education providing excellence, offering meaningful opportunities and ensuring a good entitlement for all. 

Joe Evans - Development Manager   |

I was part of the bid to create a free Steiner school in Bristol from the beginning, working first as a volunteer and then as pre-opening project manager, before taking up the post of School Business Manager in January 2014. In January 2017 I moved position to become the school

I have been working for Steiner Academy Bristol since 2013 and was one of the team who prepared the Free School bid that resulted in the creation of the school. I was School Business Manager from 2014 to 2017 and am now working as Development Manager. Before joining the school Iworked as a manager in the charity sector, specialising in developing new projects in youth, arts and environmental organisations; I have also set up and run two successful businesses.  

As Development Manager, my focus is on income generation and development of the school as a centre for community as well as education. This comes under the 'St Matthias' project.

Nathalie Alcock - Class 1 Teacher

I started working with children as a play worker over ten years ago. Since then, I have gone on to work as a primary teacher and a forest school leader. My linguistic background, passion for the arts and commitment to sustainability are skills and interests I enjoy integrating into my work. I am now very excited to be part of this new school and look forward to learning an alternative pedagogical approach to education. I am currently doing the Steiner Education Teacher Training course with WESTT. 

Lucia Waltner-Sandler - Class 3 Teacher

I am Lucia, I arrived at SAB in January 2016.

For the last 25 years I have lived, worked and studied in New Zealand. Going backwards, I spent the last 4 years back at University, studying 'Specialist Teaching' and finishing with a Master's degree in Autism. This had been a long and deep wish of mine, namely to deepen my awareness and competency in a field that would be beneficial for inclusive teaching practices. For my thesis I researched inclusive practices at Steiner-Waldorf-Highschools within New Zealand - a year of meeting and working together with amazing young people and their teachers at 4 different schools was the result of that. And to tell you, my findings were positive.

Prior to my studies I worked as a class teacher at a Primary Steiner School in the most beautiful country setting North of Auckland and before that at the well established Steiner School in Auckland city.

I have 2 beautiful children (they are in the UK as well) who are now young energetic adults !

Before New Zealand I taught at a Steiner School in the South of Germany and during my Steiner Teacher training, I specialised on Speech and Movement.

I was very fortunate to grow up in the very South of Germany, close to Switzerland and Austria, the magnificent mountains and the cows with cowbells. The winters were mainly spent on skis and the summers hiking or motor biking in the Alps. Music and dance and the warmth of my family are my earliest memories.

Anna Willis. Class 6 Teaching Assistant and Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Hello, I'm Anna! I have an immense enthusiasm for working alongside students to facilitate their academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth. I am greatly interested in providing effective support for children that inspires their curiosity and allows them to thrive through their individual style of learning.

I first discovered Steiner Education at the age of 16, when I was researching alternative education after feeling let down by my own experience in state education. I was completely enthralled and set the intention to work in Steiner Education when I was older.

I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Primary Professional Education. During my degree I extensively studied inclusion and intervention support and took a great interest in using movement as an intervention technique. I went on to write a highly successful action based research study on yoga, yogic breathing and its benefits for children with dyslexia's confidence and engagement in writing tasks. Following my graduation from this teacher training course, I became a teaching assistant in a local school supporting a child with Down's Syndrome and a Forest School Assistant. I applied for a job at Steiner Academy Bristol not expecting it to really go anywhere, but after 7 years of wanting to work in a Steiner school I was offered a job as the Class 7 assistant which I accepted with total joy! Within 2 weeks of working here, a space opened up in the WESTT Steiner Teacher Training 2015-2017 course year in Stroud, in which I jumped at the offer. The rest is history!

Outside of school my interests include bouldering, yoga, crochet and herbalism. I spend a lot of my spare time brewing, fermenting, creating bags and hats and climbing around!

I bring warmth, zest and dedication to Steiner Academy Bristol and I feel privileged to work alongside such warmhearted, open, well-rounded and highly skilled staff.

Tara Young - Class 8 Teacher

Tara began her Steiner teacher training 10 years ago, and since having her children who both attend the school, she helped to set-up the Willow Tree Kindergarten and is a founding member of the steering group which brought together Steiner Academy Bristol. Tara has been a class room assistant in Class 6 and is now Class 7's main lesson teacher.

Matthew Barton - Religion

Formerly (a long time back) a class-teacher and kindergarten teacher at Bristol Steiner School, I have since worked as a teacher of creative writing in schools, prisons and universities (Bristol and Oxford) and as a book translator and editor specializing in Steiner-related publications. I am a father and grandfather, and a poet, with two published volumes and a third forthcoming. I believe passionately in Steiner education, and, after a transformative 'pilgrimage' through the UK which I undertook earlier this year, I feel very grateful to have emerged from behind the computer again (for some of the time at least) to find myself with classes of children in our new and budding school, and engaged with a wonderful, energetic and committed group of new colleagues in turning ideas into creative realities. 

Rowan Hibbett - Lower School Games

Since 2006 I have been working with children as an outdoor activities instructor both in this country and overseas. I enjoy nothing more than being outdoors, in amongst all that the natural wonders of the world can offer up; whether that be climbing up a cliff or playing games in the woods. Working with children is an absolute passion of mine and something that I will always do.

Educated at the Bristol Steiner school and with Steiner teacher relatives, I was drawn back to the education and completed my teacher training at Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley in 2013. During my time at the school I began an outdoor after school club centred around fun activity. Aside from coaching outdoor sports such as kayaking and archery I have also recently taught sports in mainstream schools such as football, rugby, golf and fencing. When I am not teaching, I run a business which provides outdoor fun and learning for primary school aged children throughout Bristol.

I am thrilled to have found my perfect role in my hometown in a forward thinking initiative with such a great crew of staff, children and parents and I  am very much looking forward to  helping to create a thriving sports curriculum and  generation of children who's love for the outdoors does not diminish with age.

Matthew Graves - Middle School Woodwork Teacher and Upper School Lead.

Matthew grew up surrounded by crafts, and his passion has always been in Educating through them. Not just for what they offer as a standalone subject, but their powerful ability to work on the inner development of the child and young adult. Matthew studied ‘Sustainable Design’ at Goldsmiths University in London, where he began developing craft curriculum programs for schools.

He is interested in helping Steiner Academy Bristol Develop, not just an exemplar Crafts department, but also interested in how the crafts integrate into the curriculum as a whole. He is also interested in how we, in this modern age, introduce working with technology for Art, Craft and Design.

Although Matthew is primarily focused at the moment on teaching woodwork, and festival coordination, he is also involved in curriculum development, and is keen to drive forward a cross curricular Craft and Technology program, one that would engage the students and take them on a journey through many different crafts.

Matthew aims to introduce and be able to offer a variety of other crafts in the coming years, for example Wood Work, Metal Work (copper and iron), Jewelry Making and later a design and build module. 

Charlotte Cook - Handwork

I went to the Bristol Steiner School from 4-16. It was here that my interest in colour and all things woollen was first kindled. Handwork sparked my enthusiasm for using my hands and I’ve been hooked ever since.

After leaving school I went to London to work for the textile artist Kaffe Fasset where I spent the next 5 years immersed in his exuberant, richly coloured world. If was here, that knitting and colour was imbedded into my core.

Since then I studied Fine Art, specialising in sculpture at University and then moved on to train as an Art teacher.

I worked for several years teaching Art and textiles in Secondary schools before working as a Primary school teacher in Bristol.

I’m thrilled to be now teaching Handwork in the Steiner Academy Bristol where I hope to give the children a confidence to make and mend and of course to have a love of colour and all things woollen!

In brief... The team.

Senior Leadership Team:

Principal: Angie Browne

Assistant Principal / SENCO: Regan Crum 

School Business Manager: Claire Bell

Development Manager: Joe Evans

Safeguarding Leads: Regan Crum, Anna Willis (Middle School), Louisa Skinner (Kindergarten), Angie Browne. 

Teachers and Classroom Assistants:


Kindergarten Lead: Louisa Skinner.

Hazel: Kayleigh Osborn

Chestnut: Catherine Dewhurst, Laura Rios

Cherry: Nicole Earley

Oak: Lily Clark

Kindergarten Assistants: Magdalena Palinska, Gabrielle Hudson, Oonagh Thorn, Su Crozier, Anamieke De Villiers.

Class 1: Natalie Alcock, Bea Martinez

Class 2: Ellie Verey, Emily Robertson

Class 3: Lucia Waltner-Sadler, Hanna Kemp

Class 4: Alex Lockett, Hannah Doe

Class 6:  Ben Seal, Anna Willis. 

Class 7:  Sophie Barlow 

Class 8: Tara Young


Subject Teachers:

Science: Aggie Forster

Maths: tbc

English: Rhiannon Kitchen

Modern Foreign Languages: Sara Viguera (Lower School), Maru Lopez-Soriano (Middle School)

Religion: Matthew Barton

Woodwork: Matthew Graves, Huw Jones.

Art: Kamar Finn-Wierkus (Asst. Soili Smurthwaite)

Pottery: Soili Smurthwaite

Music: tbc

Games and PE: Rowan Hibbert, Huw Jones

Handwork: Charlotte Cook (Asst. Jo Sharples, Alice Watts)

Gardening: Begonia Miranda


Admin Team:

Office Manager: Katie Sobol

Admin Assistant: Anna Martin-Smith

Reception: Kathryn Stefanovich

Admin asst and Communications: Maddy Longhurst

Admissions Secretary: Amanda Selway

Finance Officer: Evie Roberts

Volunteer Co-ordinator: George Rose


Forest School:

Hannah Doe, Jade Le Lohe, Rachel Manley, Bea Martinez


School Cooks:

Gabrielle Lobb, Mateja Perosa

Lunchtime Assistants:

Ian Meachin, Marta Sila, Pedro Moya, Louisa Burn, Lucyna Teszka