World Book Day! 1st March

Mar 01, 2018


Surround yourself with characters, plots, faraway places, relationships, poetry, mysteries, herioc acts, deep thought, wild emotions, hilarity, beauty, journeys, dangers, daring acts of courage, excitement, love and friendship, truth and fantasy, wilderness and stories of home....

Get under your duvet, pick up a book and read! To yourself, to someone else, ask your mum or dad to read to you, and read to them. Let the time drift by. And if you want to, talk about the characters you love, the ones who make your skin crawl, the ones who seem to understand you....

Write your own, draw, make, sing, dress up. Explore in whatever way you like the millions of ideas, reailties and moments in time that are possible when you pick up a book and step inside it. 

Happy World Book Day!

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