You are now able to visit us and apply for a place at the school for Kindergarten (reception) and Class 6 (year 7) only. Applications are made directly through the Local Authority.

Primary Admissions Information - Bristol City Council

Secondary Admissions Information - Bristol City Council

Please go to our Open Days page to find out more about coming to visit. 

All existing classes are currently full. Places may become available through the year if families change their plans.

You can apply online to join the waiting list for places for this academic year (2017/18) - click here to go to our in-year transfers page. 

Please note: Positions on the waiting list are not static. Each time someone joins the waiting list the rankings change to accomodate them. 

We offer all places according to our Admissions Policy Please read it before you apply as it explains how and when decisions will be made about offering places. This applies to In-year transfers and annual admissions. 

For admissions queries please contact


Admissions policy - summary

The main points of the Admissions Policy are:.
  • The school will be non-selective and open to all. In considering applications, priority will be given to various groups including looked-after children and children with siblings in the school. Please download the Admissions Policy for full details on this.
  • In the event that more applications are received than places, we will use a 'nearest-first' tie-breaker, based on the distance from a child's home address to the school gate.

The growth of the school

In September 2015 we admitted a Reception class; another Year 2 class; a year 4 class; and another Year 7 class.

From 2016 onwards we will admit classes at Reception and Year 7 only.

The table below shows the classes that we will be admitting as the school grows, along with the dates of birth for children to enter each class. The orange cells indicate a two-form entry intake. That means 52 pupils for that year. 


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